About Us

Our History
During the 2020 global pandemic, the leadership of
Philadelphia Church recognized a need in our community. As businesses began to reopen, parents needed to return to work, but their children were still attending online school. Some children were struggling with online learning and needed a non-digital solution.
With these needs in mind, we created The Learning Center. For those still attending online school, it was a place where the children could come and experience a study environment while their parents were working. For children who needed an “unplugged” school environment, we helped them choose a curriculum that suited their needs.
So What Now?
With public schools returning to normal, we recognize that many parents, for various reasons, are considering
alternative solutions for their child’s education. With that in mind, we are continuing to offer The Learning Center as an alternative way to do school.
What is this “alternative schooling”?
Through our alternative schooling program, we can work
with multiple schooling options for children from 1st through 12th grade. The study facilitators work closely with the parents to customize the curriculum so it will suit the child’s needs as well as work together to implement the education plan.
Is it cost effective?
Through an innovative partnership between the parents and our study facilitators, we have been able to keep the cost of The Learning Center much lower than the cost of traditional private schools.

Our Program

How this collaborative program works:

Education System Consultation
You will meet with our Educational Consultants to determine whether partnership homeschooling. or the national online public school, Connections Academy, will meet your child’s  educational needs. (We do not recommend Connections Academy for children in early elementary school)
We will then help you either enroll your child in Connections Academy or fill out a Declaration of Intent to homeschool.
Determine Frequency of Attendance
Next, you will determine how many days a week you would like your child to attend our study facility. (We offer up to four days a week)
For Homeschoolers:
You will meet with our Homeschool Consultant to determine your child's learning style and to choose the appropriate curriculum geared towards that style for the best plan for educational success. Then we will help you order the chosen curriculum.
Educational Choice Training
Finally, we will meet to train you on the educational system you have chosen, as well as make a study plan for the year to make sure your child is able to complete the assigned work.
Quarterly Evaluations
Throughout the year we will set up evaluation meetings to discuss your child’s progress, determine if there are any changes needed and discuss any issues, you as a parent, may be having with the curriculum.

Our Team

Sue Gunderson
Director, Connections Academy Consultant & Family Liaison
Sue has been working with children of all ages for over 35 years. She has spent much time volunteering with the public schools and has recently gained experience with the national online public school program, Connections Academy.
Kati Lee
Assistant Director & P.E. Coordinator
Kati has her Bachelors Degree in Sports and Exercise
Science as well as an Associates Degree as a Physical
Therapy Assistant. She has been working with children for over 15 years and recently has gained much experience working with various curriculums.
We also have committed volunteers who work with us on a weekly basis.

Program Costs & Registration

Program Costs

Application Fee:
This a non-refundable fee of $50
Tuition for Kindergarten
Full Week (4 days) - $400 per month
Tuition for 1st and 2nd Grade
Full week (4 days) - $300 per month
Tuition for 3rd - 12th Grade
Full Week (4 days) - $250 per month
Half Week (2 days) - $150 per month
(This does not include curriculum)
The Tuition includes the study time as well as PE and/or other elective 
classes we offer depending on the days the child attends. It also
includes access to our consultants and other resources that
may be available.
Curriculum Cost:
The cost of curriculum will depend on the curriculum you
choose. It may range from $30 - $60 per subject for the year.
Classroom Use Items
We will also be asking for a short list of classroom items such
as printer paper, for each child to bring to keep classroom costs