Philadelphia Church

Welcome to PCSOM

For the Winter 2021 Term we will be offering our classes online with audio of each class posted along with other instruction materials necessary to complete the course. You still need to register for classes in order to receive a code to enter the e-Learning site for PCSOM. 

Welcome to the Virtual Classroom

We will be using Google Classroom, which you can download onto your phone or tablet, as well as, use on any web browser. You will need to register in order to use this Google Classroom feature. Right now, Google Classroom is in beta testing with only 8:30 am classes. We may roll this out to all classes based on feedback and the outcomes of our beta testing.  You can review course materials and class room audio by clicking on the class tile below. You will need to eLearning password to access each class. You can obtain an eLearning password by submitting an application for the School of Ministry, or if you have already done this step and still don't have an eLearning password, you can submit a ticket below to obtain one. 

PCSOM | Winter 2021

Check out our Winter 2021 eLearning classes. Here, you'll find audio of each class session along with useful downloads & materials you'll need to complete each course. Courses that are Beta testing Google Classroom will have a Google Classroom icon & will have a link to the Google Classroom after you go to the class page by clicking it's corresponding tile. If you need assistance click here.