Life and Death

We have been given the ability to do something that is absolutely amazing. We can speak life or death to others with our tongue. That might seem impossible to many but the Bible states it clearly.

"The tongue has the power of life and death..."  Proverbs 18:21

Each of us has the ability to build up or tear others down with our words. We can present others in a positive light or we can make others look bad in a sentence or a paragraph. The choice is ours.

The tongue is so powerful. It has caused wars to start and it has brought other countries into peace treaties. It has caused families to fall apart and it has been the impetus for reconciliation for other families. 

We need to ask ourselves, "Would I say what I'm about to say if the person I was talking about was standing next to me? If I'm hearing something derogatory about someone else how do I need to respond?" Gossip and slander do so much to hurt relationships in the body of Christ.

At the end of James chapter one we are reminded that if we cannot keep a tight rein on our tongues then we deceive ourselves and our religion is worthless. There are many references to the power of the tongue in the Old and New testament. Many are found in the book of Proverbs which is wisdom straight from King Solomon.

Our prayer should be, "God help us to build others up, not bring them down." We have been given the incredible ability to speak Life to others. May we honor God in all that we do and may we do it with the words we speak. 

Speak Life!

For the Lamb
Pastor Derek