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Perfect Peace

Well, I didn't think I would be saying this right now but I'm back in the hospital... again. I checked in Thursday morning.

I had been feeling some soreness for several weeks but it wasn't until my scar opened up (small hole the size of a bullet) and the bleeding continued that I knew something was really off.

They ended up finding an infection deep in a cavity below my heart. I had a washout and then they applied a wound VAC. I feel somewhat better already. I will have another washout Monday.

By Monday I should also know what bacteria we are fighting. It could be E.coli or something else. Monday will determine if the treatments are short or longer. 

There is a chance they might have to go in and remove the decommissioned device. We covet your prayers. 

It was difficult to hear the news regarding infection. After I processed and prayed more about it. God encouraged me with this verse in Isaiah 26:3...

"You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, for they trust in you."

Why am I ready for the fight? Because this time I have a stronger heart, a stronger mind and a deeper faith. God is clearly with me and my family.

It is time for us to be strong in our Faith and filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. To God be the glory get things He has done...

Derek Forseth

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Jill Meyers - August 2nd, 2021 at 3:20pm

You have taken God's word, "create in me a clean heart oh God", to a whole new level. GOD HAS A GOOD PLAN....Im praying for you & your family. Blessings, Jill