Restoring Strength

Dear friends and family,

We are definitely in uncertain times. Things are being shaken and it appears that tumultuous times are still ahead. We are told in Hebrews 12:26-29 that ALL things will be shaken. But we are also told that things that cannot be shaken will remain.

What the world needs now is Christians that are unshakable in their faith. That doesn't mean that we cannot experience failure. We all fall short of the glory of God, but we need to be followers of Christ who are strengthened and restored by God and God alone. When we do fall short of His glory we need to turn to Him for forgiveness and comfort and mercy.  

David failed miserably (2 Samuel 11-12) but when confronted with his sins by the prophet Nathan he was quick to repent and mourned that he had grieved God who had been so faithful to him.  

David asked God for forgiveness but he didn't stop there. He penned these beautiful words
 "Create in me a pure heart, O God and renew a steadfast spirit within me. 11Do not cast me from your presence or take your Holy Spirit from me. 12Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me. 13Then I will teach transgressors your ways, so that sinners will turn back to you." (Psalm 51:10-13 NIV)

We ask the Lord for these things as well:

- Create in me a clean heart
- Renew a right spirit within me
- Cast me not away from your presence
- Restore unto me the joy of your salvation
- Help me to teach transgressors your ways that they may turn to their hearts to God

When we fully understand the importance of being in right relationship with God on a continual basis we will become more effective for God's kingdom. The following quote is so true. 

"The funny thing about a heart is a SOFT heart is a STRONG heart, and a HARD heart is a WEAK heart."

One of the greatest joys in my life is to help others find their way back to God. God has restored me when I have fallen short of His glory. He has healed me and He has given me strength to sustain me.

May we be strengthened because we are in right standing with God. May we desire to keep short accounts with God and others. May we pursue forgiveness and restoration in all of our relationships, especially in our relationship with the Lord. 

God help us to be unshakable in our faith so that we can show others your ways and that they may turn to You. Let it be so! 

Pastor Derek